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Abbotsford Custom Home Trends 2019

Custom Home Trends | May 9, 2019

At Ridgepoint Homes, we want to help you keep up with the latest Abbotsford custom home trends for 2019. That is why our team of custom home building experts have put together some of the most common trends for custom homes that we expect to see this year.

Natural Elements

While 2018 moved towards a tech-dominated decor, 2019 shifts away from this trend in favour of fresh natural elements and materials like stone, copper, concrete, and granite. Adding natural elements into your custom Abbotsford home can help create a more organic and serene ambiance in any space.

Bold Patterns

Incorporating bold patterns—florals, geometric shapes, agate, etc.—into your Abbotsford custom home can help make a bold statement in any room. Even though bold patterns are not really a new trend, the bold patterns of 2019 combine brighter colours with oversized patterns. An easy way to incorporate this trend is through the use of wallpaper or an area rug.

Richer Colour Palettes

Even though muted colours are often used to avoid making a space feel overwhelming, 2019 will shift towards preferring bolder, richer colour palettes. By combining richer colours throughout your Abbotsford home, you can make the more muted furnishings and decor standout. Consider incorporating pops of colour, such as reds, pinks, yellows, and organic greens.

Concrete Accents

Concrete accents can be a great way to add a crisp, clean look to any room in your Abbotsford home. Adding geometric concrete tiles has become increasingly popular in custom home designs, as it works to add two of this year’s top trends: bold patterns and concrete accents.

Vintage Lighting

Similar to 2018, vintage lighting will be a big trend for Abbotsford custom homes in 2019; however, the vintage lights that will be preferred in 2019 will be less about exposed lighting and more about vintage pendants and sconces in brass and copper finishes.

Matte Finishes

Compared to high-shine finishes that tend to have a dramatic effect, matte finishes can be used to create a more relaxed, slightly futuristic appeal. Consider incorporating matte finished furnishings that boast unexpected hues and silhouettes into your Abbotsford home or by simply refurbishing an old piece of furniture with a matte finish.

If you would like to learn more Abbotsford custom home trends for 2019, or if you are interested in one of our custom home building services, please contact Ridgepoint Homes at 604-768-7664 or by filling out a contact form on our website.