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Creating a Custom Home for Aging in Place

As the population continues to age, many homeowners are considering how they can grow old within their current home and remain safe while doing so. Also known as aging in place, this goal has become a popular target for homeowners above the age of 65. Whether you are looking to age in place or want to build a custom home that can safely accommodate your aging parents, there are several features you should consider for your new living space. To ensure that everyone in your home continues to remain safe and comfortable as they age, the experts at Ridgepoint Homes have compiled some information outlining how to create a custom home for aging in place.

Learn about some safety features every custom home should have.

4 Ways to Enhance Safety for Aging Homeowners

To ensure that your home continues to be safe and livable as you age or your parents become elderly, consider the following features and design choices:

1. Keep Everything on One Floor

Stairs are one of the most substantial hazards for elderly residents and homeowners. While stairs are a popular choice for most custom homes, it is often safer and more sensible to choose a single-storey/rancher-style home for aging in place. This style will keep everything on the same floor, eliminating the need for stairs and the risks associated with them.

2. Accessible Kitchens

Appliances, countertops, and seating are all key areas to consider when designing a kitchen that is suitable for aging in place. To maximize livability and safety, ensure that all appliances are at an accessible height and choose shorter countertops.

3. Accessible Bathrooms

Bathtubs can pose a significant safety risk for seniors. That is why it can be worth installing a walk-in shower or tub without a barrier. These units ensure optimal accessibility and safety, even for individuals with limited mobility. Lower sinks, safety bars, and safety strips should also be installed to further minimize the risk of slipping on a wet floor.

4. Better Lighting

Inadequate lighting can greatly increase safety risks for homeowners of any age. Stairwells, entryways, and hallways should all be thoroughly illuminated to ensure that any potential tripping hazards are visible. Automatic/motion-sensing lighting can also be beneficial as this eliminates the need to manually switch lights on or off, keeping your home illuminated without any additional effort.

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