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Creating a Timeless Custom Home Design

Custom Home Design | December 12, 2019

Creating a timeless custom home design will help ensure that you will love your home for years to come. At Ridgepoint Homes, we want to help you design and build the home of your dreams. That is why our talented team has put together some simple tips on how to create a timeless design for your custom home.

1. Use a Classic Style

While using a classic style for your custom home does not have to mean incorporating elements of Greek architecture into the design, it will, however, focus on using interior design elements that complement the house’s architecture. In most cases, a classic style will pair natural resources like woods, stones, and bricks with natural fibres like cotton.

2. Avoid Overusing Trends

When creating a timeless custom home design, it is important to avoid overly trendy elements that are too avantgarde, fussy, or ornate. Instead, try to use simple, sophisticated, and subtle elements that will be able to withstand the test of time. If you do want to include trendier elements within your home, consider using trendy light fixtures that can easily be swapped out when they go out of style.

3. Create a Functional Space

Timeless design is both functional and sensible, which means that all of the elements incorporated in the design will also need to be perfectly scaled and proportioned. When creating a timeless design, it is important to ensure that all of the furniture fits in a room without overpowering the space.

4. Stick with Neutral Colours

Neutral colour palettes have a strong presence in traditional home decor, as they can be used to accentuate a space without overpowering it. Consider using beiges, greys, and off-whites throughout the home, as well as accents of crisp, bright whites for crown moulding, ceilings, arches, and doorways. Using a more neutral colour palette in your custom home design will provide the perfect backdrop for formal furnishings and colourful artwork.

If you do not want to simply stick to neutral colours throughout your home, consider using pops of classic colours like black, navy blue, and dark greens to complement the neutrals. You can also choose to use splashes of trendy colours by placing accessories throughout the room.

To learn more about creating a timeless custom home design, or if you are interested in our custom home design services, please contact Ridgepoint Homes at 604-768-7664 or by filling out a contact form on our website.