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The Best Flooring Options for Your Custom Home

Custom Home Design, Custom Homes | November 24, 2022

When it comes to custom home design, it is crucial to consider the materials you will be using throughout your new living space. For example, the materials you choose for flooring in your custom home can have a lasting impact on appeal, comfort, and value. With so many flooring options available, it can be difficult to determine which option is best for your needs and budget. That is why the custom home experts at Ridgepoint Homes have put together some information on the best flooring options for your custom home to help you make an informed decision.

Learn about some popular countertop materials for your custom home.

5 Popular Options for Custom Home Flooring

The following materials are widely utilized in custom home builds of all sizes and styles:

1. Carpet

If you are looking for great underfoot comfort and a classic look, carpet is the perfect choice. While carpet is often regarded as dated in comparison to other materials, modern products feature unique aesthetics that can suit modern designs. In many cases, carpet should be used alongside other materials to allow for enhanced comfort in bedrooms and ease of cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms. It should be noted that, while carpet provides the best underfoot comfort, it can also be the most difficult material to clean and care for.

2. Hardwood

Hardwood flooring offers timeless versatility and appeal, making it a popular choice for a variety of custom home builds. With solid and engineered hardwood options available, you can select the ideal option for your aesthetic preferences, maintenance/care preferences, and budget. While hardwood flooring is extremely durable and resistant to impact-based damage, it can be more susceptible to damage from heat and moisture over time. This means that it will require additional maintenance and care to minimize the risk of damage.

3. Vinyl

When it comes to versatility and value, it is difficult to beat vinyl flooring products. Vinyl flooring is available in sheet, modular, tile, and plank-based configurations, allowing you to select the ideal option for your design preferences and budget. While some vinyl products are not as durable as tile, laminate, or hardwood, it is easy to clean, resistant to moisture damage, and one of the most cost-effective options available.

4. Laminate

Laminate flooring is a modern option that can be manufactured with a smooth, textured, or distressed surface to provide the look and feel of real wood at a significantly reduced price. Laminate flooring is also engineered to allow for easy cleaning and enhanced moisture resistance, making it a popular choice for rooms throughout a home. This combination of easy cleaning, reduced maintenance requirements, and versatile appearance makes laminate one of the most popular options on the market.

5. Tile

Tile flooring is a durable and moisture-resistant option that is available in porcelain, ceramic, glass, and stone-based options, allowing you to choose the ideal option for your needs, preferences, and budget. While tile is highly durable, it is also more expensive than most other types of flooring and is typically only used for bathrooms to keep costs down.

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