Creating amazing living spaces.

Our Process

What you can expect when you work with us.

All of our projects follow our strict proven process to ensure you will receive the best project results.

Initial Client Meeting & Concept Review

During our initial meeting, we will take the time to review the property, get to know your wants and needs, determine the scope of work, and go over initial concept ideas for the project.

Preliminary Drawings & Rough Budget

By working closely with our architect and project consultants, we will put together preliminary designs and create an estimate for the project that fits within the budget.

Final Drawings & Review

Once we have gone over the preliminary drawings with you and adjusted them to meet your needs, our team will put together the final drawings and do a final review to ensure that everything is accurate.

Building Permit Submission

All of our documents and the final designs will be submitted to the local municipality so that we can obtain the necessary building permits.

Project Tender

Our team will send out the project for tender and collect pricing from contractors. We will then assign contracts to the various trades needed to complete the project.

Establish Project Team & Site Review

We will put together our project team—site supervisor, foreman, project manager, and any other key trades or consultants—and then have a meeting to review the site, schedules, and any other details that will impact the construction process.

Building Permit Received

Once the building permit has been issued by the city, we will begin the construction phase.


Our team will start working on the construction of the building from the ground up, working through foundation and the rough-in stages all the way through to finishing.

Occupancy & Post-Construction Care

After the construction phase has been completed, we gather all of our documentation and call for a final inspection. Once the building has passed an inspection, it is ready for occupancy. Our team will remain in touch with you to ensure that any project deficiencies are properly taken care of and dealt with promptly.